Lawn Care For Your Family

Lawn Man

There are several methods to keep your lawn clean, but one method is to keep your lawn man made. A lawn man made is great if you want to go on vacation and you do not have to worry about how your lawn looks. On the other hand, if you want to maintain a clean lawn you will need a simple lawn maintenance method. For a simple lawn maintenance method you will only need some tools, water, and a little imagination. Here are two methods that you can try out.

First thing you will want to do is to use your lawn mower to cut back the grass that is growing in front of your house. Over time the lawn mower will actually sever the bark off of any of your beautiful trees or bushes and leave the bare wood sitting there. Get your lawn man to spray water on your weeds each day and after two weeks you should have a pretty good green carpet. Take your weed whacker and make a circle around the top of your house and then cut the grass so that it is a couple of feet away from your house.

Next, get a spade and take some of the grass out of the ground. Once the grass is removed, spread some fertilizer (make sure that it is labeled for use in gardens) onto the ground. Then take some of the ferns or Fern Shears out of your garage and put them in your flowerbed or beside your porch so that you can fertilize those areas as well.

After you have finished these two tasks, you will want to put your fernsler back in the garage next to the ferns in the flowerbed or alongside your porch. Put some of the fertilizer in the holes that the ferns had occupied before you put them in. When the holes are filled, use some water to water the soil and let it sit for a week. After the first week of using this fertilizer mix, water the soil and watch your lawn begin to grow again.

If the first floor of the house has mold growing in it, you could see if there are any cracks in the drywall. Get a glass cleaner and spray on the walls to kill any mold that is growing there. After you have done that, take a hose and spray the fernsler could smell. Then take the fernsler inside the garage in front of the house and water it while it is sitting there.

The next lawn tip that Jenny left me was that if you do not have any grass, then buy a bag of topsoil and spread it over your entire lawn. After you do that, get some topsoil bags and spread them over your rusty said. It will take a week for the grass to grow, but after that your lawn will be green as can be.