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The owners of Westerville Heating and Cooling Company have been implicated in an alleged scheme to steal more than $20k from customers. Melissa Martin, 55, and her husband,56-year-old Douglas Martin were each named in seven counts of identity theft and seven counts of theft of credit card billing information. If found guilty, the couple could each be sentenced to jail time, pay hefty fines, be put on probation or lose their driver’s license. According to Westerville Police, the suspects will make bail and surrender to authorities on Friday afternoon.

Detectives believe that the suspects intended to steal from customers by either taking their money directly out of their bank accounts or via the mail. Detectives also believe that they took money from one customer by writing a check for another customer and cashing it out with the bank. Other customers may have had payments on their air conditioning accounts that were later missed and money was taken from the accounts without the customers’ knowledge or consent. The suspects are also accused of stealing from an elderly couple that lives alone in a small cottage off a dirt road in Westerville, Ohio. According to investigators, the husband committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt from his belt.

Detectives believe that the suspects used some type of home improvement equipment to destroy evidence. They found hammers, nails, wrenches, hand tools and electrical wiring. Another clue that has been discovered is the smell of cooking. Detectives believe that the suspects chopped up the gas line at the Westerville heating and cooling company and removed the gas line so that it could not be detected. Investigators believe that this act may have caused some of the explosions that have recently been occurring around the city.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about the attacks that have recently been occurring in the Westerville heating and cooling area, you are urged to contact the local police department. The Westerville Police Department is looking into the attacks as part of their routine investigation. Anyone with information that leads them to think that there may be a link between the attacks and the air conditioning or plumbing businesses is encouraged to contact the Westerville Police Department or the local fire department. You can share your information with them and hopefully make a difference in the future.

If you have ever lived or worked in a cold home, you know how unbearable it can be to endure the winter months without a way to stay warm and cozy. With that said, you don’t have to go through the entire year suffering from extreme cold. There are measures that can be taken to help keep your family warm and comfortable during the bitter days of winter. The best part about these heating and cooling companies is that they have several different options to choose from. Some of their heating and cooling services include: chimney repairs, indoor radiant floor heat, hydronic, and even ceiling fans. This flexibility truly allows you to decide which type of service is the most beneficial for your family and your budget.

When you are trying to find heating and cooling services in Westerville, there are some important factors to consider. For instance, it’s imperative that you look into indoor air conditioning as opposed to outdoor air conditioning, as this has many benefits. Indoor air conditioning is energy efficient, much like the mini air conditioners. As an added benefit, you don’t have to deal with ducts running throughout your house and all of the hassles that come along with them. Whether you need air conditioning in your business, apartment, or home, you should look into installing an air conditioning system.