Yamaha BBNE2BL Wireless Guitar

Designed by Yamaha and renowned bassist Eric Clapton, the Yamaha BBNE2BL is the latest addition to an already impressive line-up of Yamaha basses. For many years, the Yamaha BB series has defined the very best in acoustic bass reproduction, building a solid reputation for its fantastic tone and extended sustain, easy to control tone, and a comfortable playability. This latest model takes this tradition to a new level with a thin-line, sturdy alder body finished with high-gloss maple covering an impressive tonally diverse range of tones from warm jazz to hard rock. The front panel is made of maple and textured to give it the acoustic edge that most models do not have. The dual control knobs make it easy to change between alternate tunings without changing the B string.

Yamaha BBNE2BL

One of the best selling products from Yamaha ever was the TBX series. This innovative model features true bypass switching, so you can choose whether to play the opener or the song currently playing. Ideal for players who love to experiment, this model adds another dimension to their gigs by letting them skip directly to the next song without having to rewind the music. There are also a number of special effects available.

One of the most popular styles of electric guitar is the “Vibrato” model. Produced on the TBX series by direct-coil pickups, the vibrato effect is achieved by pushing the pickup up and away from the guitar speaker. Some models allow you to control the amount of vibrato by turning a knob, but even without vibrato you will hear great sustain and tone from this model. For those who like a bit of twirling action, the Volcomper model makes a nice sounding alternative.

Many guitarists that strum with the guitar would prefer to use a base model with more inner craftsmanship than the more common upright models. The TXN series goes one step further by featuring a twin master tone, perfect for when you need to double check your bass lines. If you are playing in a band and require a nice bass tone, the Vibe series may be a good choice. The TXN model allows you to select which frequencies the amplifier has available, which can be helpful if you have more than one or two guitars to perform on stage.

Finally, there is the Dtxn Plus. This model allows the user to place his hands directly over the fret board, eliminating much of the vibration created by the instrument. With its five-position pickup configuration, it can be used for either lead guitar or bass. Unlike other electric guitars, the Dtxn Plus offers its own pickup system. This means that no cables are needed, which can save a considerable amount of money for the gigging musician. No model allows the user to bypass the bridge which eliminates the need to remove your guitar from the bridge to change cables, something often necessary for the more seasoned guitarist.

When shopping for your Yamaha DTXn wireless guitar, you have many options available. The different models have different price ranges, features, accessories, as well as playing styles. The best advice is to experiment with all the models before making any firm decisions. This is true whether you buy new or used. No matter what model you buy, you will surely be happy with your choice.